Our Motivations

Principal's Motivation to the students
The destination reached in a hurry doesn’t last long. In an era where we are faced with challenges both pertaining to the extended as well as the internal environment, with rising expectations and competition, the proper guideline and way to analyze opportunities , is required which in turn is powered by a school. The mission of teaching the children of tomorrow ripples with colors of today. When the turmoil of challenges occurs or cheerful light of happiness shines forth, this noble mission remains unraveled. The achievement and success with perfection is inculcated in school by a noble being that is a dedicated teacher who expects a simple reward of developing young intellects into humane hearts. Hence, with the motive to achieve true education and nurturing children with proper attitude, we are moving forth.

- Smt. Subhanka Chowdhury

Head Mistress's Motivation to the students
“Aristotle once said that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”
Airforce School BKP, Synthesis the tradition and Modernity, ignites the talent, sensitizes the young towards social, environmental concerns. We strongly believe that our pupils are tech-savvy in head, skillful in hands and global in approach.
We impart education to match the advancement in technology and globalization. We endeavor constantly to instill a sound character in our children.
We have a complete harmonious blend to create a child centric educational environment.

- Smt. Chitra Sathe
planning adviser