•  Admission of Children of serving Air Force personnel it to be made at time during the academic session, subject to the stipulation laid down by CBSE for classes IX- XII
  •  Admission of Army, Navy, Para-Military Forces and civilian children to Air Force Schools is not to be at the cost of Air Force Children. They are to be admitted subject to vacancies after admitting all Air Force Children, catering for mid-session admissions on transfers and after admitting 25% students under RTE.
  •  Age Limit:
    A child should have completed the following age as on 1st April of the academic year in which admission is sought to the classes mentioned bellow:-
  • (a) LKG 03 Years
    (b) UKG 04 Years
    (c) CLASS I 05 Years
  •  Minimum age at the time of admission to other classes will accordingly be calculated as per the above stipulation, children born on or before 01 April would be deemed as having attained the requisite age, No age waiver will granted.
  •  Proof of Age:
    Any of the following documents are to be accepted in original as proof of age-

    (a)  Birth certificates issued by Military/Civil Hospitals as well as by Municipality / Village Panchayats.
    (b)  In case of Defence personnel, POR extract duly signed by Unit Adjutant is also required
  •  Change in Date of Birth:
    Once recorded in the School register, change in date of birth is to be accepted only with a certificate from Register of Births/Deaths and original newspaper clipping notifying such change. defence personnel will also have to produce a POR extract, signed by unit Adji regarding the change of date of birth
  •  Change in Father's/ Mother's Name:
    No change in name of father/mother is to be accepted in case of adoption or re-marriage of either parent if the person originally named as father/mother in School record is still alive. In such cases, notarized written consent of such separated originally named father/mother is to be submitted to the School. However, in case of adoption from Children's Home or in case of death of either parent, School will accept the change of parents' name on the production of adoption/death certificate.
  •  Admission to Class XI:
    Selection of students to the Mathematics and Science Group in class XI is to be determined solely on the basis of merit in the grades secured in class X. In this regard, the admission guidelines with respect to admission in class XI (Commerce) as laid down by KVS are to be followed.